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China Cardiovascular Diabetes drug development companies old and new relay
Published: 2014/8/28 17:39:28

2013, a total of three pharmaceutical companies to declare a DPP-4 inhibitor class of drugs 1.1, respectively, according to Ge Lieting bamboo Xuan Shandong, Shandong leafy Aigelieting, Chongqing re-create the complex Ge Lieting. Nevertheless, the domestic manufacturers of DPP-4 inhibitors are keen upwards.

Among them, Chongqing re-create powerful backing.

In fact, re-creating Chongqing Medical Research, Ltd. is Shanghai Fosun Pharmaceutical (Group) set up a joint team of scientists abroad in 2009 innovative small molecule drug research and development centers.

Notice the end of October 2013, said Fosun Holdings have agreed to Chongqing complex Chong Sun Pharmaceutical company intends to "SELLAS" re-create the transfer of Chongqing and its wholly-owned subsidiary of Fotagliptin Benzoate (benzoic acid complex 格列汀) and Pan -HER Inhibitors (Pan-HER receptor inhibitor) related intellectual property rights and development in the world (excluding China) range, commercialization, marketing and distribution, sublicense, foreign licensing and other applicable rights, title and interest, transfer price of 38,800 million euros. Affected by this news, then Fosun Pharma's share price fell swoop limit.
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